April 9, 2014

potatoe project

how to grow potatoes in a bucket. i have heard of this way to grow potatoes. of course it's not a large scale way of growing food, never the less it struck my fancy for an experiment. i sent thea to the basement to fetch a pail filled with potatoes yesterday afternoon, intending to peal and roast them together with other root veggies, for dinner.
she came back with the full pail and asked me, what those longish arms are... well my potatoes sprouted and it almost hurt a bit to pull the sprouts off, doing so and pairing them we still did. but i also explained to thea, that those "arms" are really growing from this potatoes to bear new potatoes in the coming season. telling her was not enough, of course not. so we got some good garden soil, a bucket and started the project this afternoon. and now we will have to wait and see what will happen.

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