August 26, 2014

"summer reading" about the past weeks

this is a long overdue post...
it was a wet rather cold summer, though wonderful sunny days were there too. most of us got a bit of reading done and especially amos had to visit the library frequently. i'm sure you will be able to figure out which stack belongs to each of the kids as well as my stack is there too. thea has been reading and looking at so many picture books that i was not able to keep track and naomi as well as i have been reading to her a lot. and to get a hold of joel's books is really an almost impossible undertaking, that's why that one is missing too.

it has been a while since i have been reading a novel, and i absolutely loved this summer book "in nomine diaboli" it brought me back to the middle ages, the time the councel of constance was held in the years of 1414/15. it became even more real, as i have been visiting constance early in the summer. the sewing book has been a wonderful enjoyment, i was sewing two dresses, the same pattern "G" balloon shaped sundress, from the "girls style book" very pretty and the girls love them.
this a quick recap of our summer reading...

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