August 19, 2014

up date of the list

it has been good for me to write down what i want to do as well as some hopes what the year will bring. this is the list i posted late in january 2014 and now it's already past the middle of the year, which gets me going. i looked over the list and am realizing, that there are some points i'm on the way of acheaving and others i just plainly skip as they have moved to the back burner or are not even on the horizon anymore. maybe they will come back and prick my conscience again, if not that's fine with me too.

even with a fast and cold summer, the warm and sunny spring did it's miraculous work with the fig tree it bears fruit as it hasn't in the past. 43 figs have been harvested within the past two weeks and there are many more to ripen!
the fig tree has been my daily joy, regardless, rain or shine, nature has been once more my cheerleader this summer.

1. keep giving thanks every day for what i receive and enjoy :: going strong, it has become a daily evening prayer
2. make scrap fabric hearts for valentines :: didn't happen
3. finish the started bed quilt for my friend :: she has been the joyous receiver of it earlier this year
4. finish the golden shawl :: i have not touched it so far
5. renovate the kitchen, a new floor, renovating the table and corner bench, replace the stove :: should happen next week, it did happen in november
6. read a book a month
    :: "the prodigal God" by Timothy Keller
    :: "in Nomine Diaboli" by Monika Kueble, Henri Gerlach
    :: "knitting Rules" by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee
    :: "the Practice of Spiritual Direction" by William A. Barry, William J. Connolly
    :: "Girls Style book" by Yoshiko Tsukiori
    :: "Bonhoeffer" by Eric Metaxas (working on this one)
    :: a history of the world in 100 objects (absolutely loving it) oct
    :: the practice of the presence of God nov
    :: essential truth of the christian faith (working on that one)nov

7. go for a 2 day hike in the mountains with joel this summer :: we went on a four day tandem tour
8. knit one item a month
    :: a hat for naomi
    :: blue mittens for me
    :: crochet hat for e
    :: cardigan annabelle for naomi

9. get the "lust auf kunst pass" for winterthur :: got it and went to the richter exhibit, the Oskar Reinhart Museum with naomi, the
     Villa Flora with thea and her kindergarten class, there are a hand full more museums in town...

10. run three times a week (5k in the morning) :: yes i'm so proud to say so it has become a habit and i run 6-9km/morning
11. write the birthday letters via snail mail and be creative doing so :: most of the letters yes
12. do a little bit of free modern quilting with lots of white spaces :: not touched this one
13. go to the concert by WOTE in april in zurich :: did so with joel and the boys, very much fun!
14. being calm and loving in conversations with our kids :: trying hard
15. keep on praying regularly in the evenings :: most evenings i do so on my own, on thursday nights with the community
16.  the wardrobe architect idea :: i worked on it a bit, though it's just not my thing
17. look trough my closet of cloths and bring everything i have not been wearing to the second hand shop :: did it once and will
      do again later in the year
18. teach thea how to ski and have the big three kids boarding and skiing :: yes ski vacation was great and successful for all
19. visit the paul klee center in bern :: i went there with my friend, a wonderful building and exhibit
20. help amos transition into a new school in august :: we are in the middle of it and so far he loves it
21. enjoy a long weekend or short vacation with our friends :: the year end retreat will be together with our friends! looking
      forward to it
22. planting flowers on the balcony and around the house :: naomi and i did so, though the rainy summer has been hard on the
23. say yes to the kids more often :: still not there
24. try out some linoleum cutting and printing :: not tried yet

and of course there has been a lot going on, our friends from romania were visiting for a week this summer, which has been lots of fun. the whole family was at elias' ballett school performance at the beginning of july.

i will end for the moment, i love life and plum jam will be cooking in 15 minutes!

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