February 7, 2017

afternoon rays

it has been rainy the past days, but still occasionally sunny. very soft light and though it is strong enough to cast some wonderful shadows. it seems like an early telling of spring, just a little window into into near or maybe later future...

the girls are at my parents, as i was in school all day today. it's winter vacation, two weeks off from school, yeah! there is now snow around the house, but next week we are going to spend the time in the mountains. oh, we are so much looking forward to spend a whole week away.
as for this week, it's a bit of a different story, still some wonderful different scheduled days, which i really like. lot's of little things can be done and enjoyed together. amos had the time to dig a trench and earn himself a bit of pocket money today, though it was getting cold and very wet the... but still, some physical work is good work.

vacation, i love it, just enjoy it. a run should be possible tomorrow morning....

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