February 21, 2017

pincone harvest

the snow is gone, and all the pine cones appeared from underneath. it would have been a boys chore to collect the pine cones in early december, but it never happened. it turned out to be ok, as the snow was not laying long enough to have the cones rot. which i expected, as it never does around here. we had a cold january and some good snow, for certain, and i'm glad for it.
but all that is gone and the snow drops are already pushing hard with their green leafs, it should not be much longer until they appear in their white little frocks.

so today was the day, elias had the time and was happily collecting two big bags of pine cones. thea and her friend were gladly helping and of course had a lot of fun with the big brother!
and so we approach spring times, mud season is lying ahead...

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Wendy McDonagh-Valentine said...

Our snow is melting and leaving lots of mud here as well. Do you do anything special with the pine cones? We have so many pine trees in our little town. Have a wonderful week!! xo

~ Wendy