January 30, 2018

a sign

a wonderful little reminder that spring is around the corner. maybe it will take an other month, maybe we get an other load of snow, even cold weather would be fine, but spring is not going to let us down. this little twig of sunshine is perfect in the still dark and long evenings.
i have been mending a few pairs of pants, a cherry pit bag (for warmth at night), knitting on my scarf, and school work has been absorbing a lot of my time. it will go on like this until the end of march, just about until easter. it's a bit much, but fine. i love the lessons i'm already teaching, the kids are great and give me a lot of joy.
there is a short run, some dinner prep ad a budget meeting on for this afternoon...

see you then, what ever then means... ( it might be friday :)

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