January 15, 2018

:: ramblings ::

all saturday i was teaching a class of 4th graders in our church. at home were all kinds of activies scheduled, naomi left the house early for a soccer tournament. while we others enjoyed an additional hour in bed (certain brothers a couple more hours...). thea left the house a bit before i had to head out, she was picked up by a friend to go climbing at our local climbing hall 6a+. she was nervous and super excited about the climbing.
this is still new for me, and i have to tell myself, that it is absolutely fine this way. i will get used to the fact, that my family is absolutely able and very well capable to manage themselfs without me montioring and keeping everyone accountable to my standarts. they fend just fine and i found them all to be happy and content, as i came home at 6pm.
there was even an unexpected visit of a friend and her kids, and noone was turned away from the door but rather served tea and got the needed attention.
of course i knew all would be fine and it has  not been the first time, but it will be more frequent for all of us, that i'm gone all day long. so it is up to me to get used to it and to let go of my set and strucured form of parenting. i know my style is far from perfect and so i actively let go and give them all the freedome they love and need. and this will lead to new growth and character in all of us!

thank you, my family to take me as i am and for giving me the opportunity to let go and grow in this area.

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