February 6, 2018

my longish shawl

it has been a while since i took this shawl from the needles. it is not really knit in my favorite colors but then again, when i wear something gray or steely blue it works just fine.
and it is definitely very cozy with the wonderful grey alpaca wool. the colorway is a silk/wool which is also very comfortable and just teh best to wear in this winters moment.

the temperatures have dropped below zero (30F) which is very much where it should be in the months of winter. so this seems just right to be twirled around my neck, yesterday-today-tomorrow and who knows for how many days more.

and then those started little projects, no they are not mine, really!
we had  community evening last sunday and there were just about half of the group, people which did not know how to knit. so we taught each other, how to knit. it was fun and for some of us very new...
in any regards, i take those started little projects and will finish them up. just as plain and easy as they got started. and in some way they will be put together and mounted on a canvas. if it turnes out to be a some what pretty picture, i will consider to hang it up. let's say, i will keep you posted and for myself, i let the idea float and will work it into what ever it is loonging to be.

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