February 20, 2018

on a winter's walk

visiting our cousins back in the valley was decided on the spur of the moment. thea crabed her penny board and i the camera. we hopped on the train to visit the R's. Joel was going to join us 20 minutes later and the boys 2h later, for dinner.
it was all so nice looking, that the two of us, who were early, could not resist, but got off the train a station early. we decided that walking the 2.5miles was just the perfect afternoon activity for us.
we started out with thea on the board, just standing and holding on to me...
it was ok for me, i reall got a good workout, pulling the girl along. and then she got herself in "trouble", when she said: "mama, i think this is my time doing sports for today!" first i had to laugh out loud and then explain to her, that i do sports not her right now. she quickly understood and went ahead on her own for the second 2.5miles. yes this way, both of us got our sport taken care of for the day.

and i was super glad i lugged the camera along, even though it was a bit heavy...

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