February 5, 2018

looking up

being out in the neighborhood, for a walk with thea, made me look around. mostly up into the trees and the clouded sky. the sun came and went, it was rather cool and just as it is supposed to be, february like.
when i came home and looked at the photos taken, i was amused and them. they very much resembled the walk, the february air. cool and kind of gray, some blue sky, some intense moss like green of themistle toe. a bit of color from a line of flags, hung up last summer for a neighborhood celebration. fun and a bit of excitement still in the air with it.

the hazle is in full bloom. i love the looks of those long "blooming" brushes, sometimes almost as big as trees. they don't affect my immune system, so yes they are just wonderfully pretty to me.

and then today, we enjoyed the start into an "off" week, a do wat we want. a week of reading, listening, playing music and for some of us studying too! i'm all embracing it as it comes along...

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