September 5, 2018

bible cake

back to teaching, finally i'm back to two classes teaching religion (christian education) for 4th graders and on friday a class of 3rd graders.
with the 10 year olds we learn all about the bible and how to find bible verses. it is interesting to see how quickly some kids pick up the skills of finding the asked book with the help of the index and looking for the chapter and vers number. others really struggle as it is not just finding the book, that's really just the start and there it is very different from just finding a page "number".
though we are practicing and i tried to make it as child friendly and interesting as possible. the station in the picutre is a recipe for a cake. the kids had to look for all the different ingredients. and they did so, by finding the bible passage given and in that verse there was the ingredient given, like egg, milk, butter, figs, dates, raisins, flour etc.
of course i baked last night and the kids were able to try a mini muffin. most of them really loved the flavor, it tasted strongly of honey...

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