September 10, 2018

the appenzeller barthuhn...

last saturday was spent with my birds...
i packed three of my young "appenzeller barthuhn" birds in cat crates and went to the "bird-taxing-place". well it was an adventure and i knew in advance, that it might take all day... at least i was not super early and the waiting was interesting, as everyone was alowed to watch and listen to the comments of the specialist. each bird got looked at thoroughly and with thespecialists eye.
i know now, what it means: "nice pearling" or a chicken having a "croked back" and many more points the birds get judged by, if they are good for breeding.

my rooster had very nice pearling comb and good looking feathers, very dense and wide, though his back was croked. he will not be good for the breeding, but still got a nice family to stay with... as his two sisters got good marks and i handed all three birds of to a new friend. a lady farmer with four little kids and smallish farm in the eastern parts of switzerland.
she was very happy to get the chickens and didn't mind to take the rooster too. and i was more than happy having found a good home for my birds.

this gaggle of roosters and chickens are all "schweizer hühner", big and white... a very nice looking crowd. they live at the farm, where the chicken "judging" has taken place last saturday.

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