September 13, 2018

DIY all-purpose detergent

a couple weeks ago i was making lemonade and as allways with lemonade, there are lots of rinds left over...
it din't feel right to just through them out (as i try to not compost citrus fruit peel, because our soil is already too "sour"). there it was, on my counter was a diy-book "statt plastik" von Jutta Grimm. i checked it out from the library, with no particular reason, i just liked the cover. and as it sometimes happen, this book was on my kitchen counter at just the right time!
so i decide to put those lemon peals to use: i cleaned them from all the white flesh and put them in a big jar with 1l of white vinegar. super easy, just let it sit for two weeks. preferably in the sun, shake it from time to time. meanwhile i had the time to buy curd soap, grind up 50 grams and soak it in 1l hot water. this solution also needed to sit over night and settle, some shaking and making sure that it had the right viscosity.

for the type of simple every all-purpose detergent, i was going to mix up, i needed an old spray bottle. this i found in our cleaning cabinet. then mix 2 table spoons of the soap mixture and 250ml of the vinegar solution, fill the bottle up (at least 500ml) with water and ready is the detergent.
i'm happy, mother nature is happy and if you don't mind the vinegary/lemoy scent, it works just perfect. as we have very hard water and lot's of limestone in the water, there is lots of it to clean at all times...

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