June 27, 2011

monday treats

monday morning 8 am, thea and i get picked up by a friend to go strawberry picking. the season was super early and the field will be open for the next couple more days. a friend of mine has already been twice so i got a few pounds in the freezer already. but the offer of being taken along together with thea was just too got to pass off, even though the forcast was sunny and hot. (83F, which is super hot for switzerland, yes i know you bostonians are laughing out loud, and it's not even humid at all)

of course vanilla ice and strawberries with chocolate sauce for dessert, i didn't have to call the kids twice.
the 16lbs of berries were quickly put away, cut and boxed for the freezer, pureed and also in the freezer, a good bit got eaten right away, some got eaten at dinner (in the form of birchermuesli)

on our way home from the field, we stopped at the local grain mill and got all kinds of flours.
:: 10lbs zofpmehl (for zopf, which is very close to challah)
:: 4lbs spelt
:: 2lbs 5 grain
:: 2lbs rolled oats
:: 2lbs wheat germ
:: 2lbs rolled barley
and on top of this, thea got a gift, the lady behind the barn counter handed her a little bag with "honey sweetened spelt puffs" wow they were eaten quickly and thea was so proud to share with her big siblings. indeed a sweet afternoon!

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