June 1, 2011

today in our kitchen

its a busy place our center of the house!

amos is placing all the cut wheels in the bowl in preparation for the charlotte royale. we were already baking the biscuit yesterday

the outer layer is ready, the vanilla pudding is going to be put into this bowl. after a resting time of a few hours we will enjoy this kingly charlotte to once more celebrate elias' 12th birthday, what a great present for big brother!

such yummy berries are now to be found on the counter, o yes we do enjoy them all!

fresh spinach, already the second cut, from my friends garden

and yes, once more are elderberry flowers in our kitchen, this time they will be made into syrup

i love the busyness of this place, and even better more and more it is becoming the boys working area too! in no time they will be in charge of preparing dinner and dessert for all of us. and now i'm looking forward to some delicious spinach/egg dish for supper.

here it is:

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ginger said...

The charlotte royale looks amazing! I have a birthday next week and now I know just what to make!