June 23, 2011

books right now

once in while i stop and take a deep breath, walk through the house and try to catch the book title everyone is reading at this moment...
i started today and got stuck in our living room, stuck watching a movie with joel. can you believe, this happens almost never. even this time i told him: "no i have something more important to do"
i didn't do the more important and this post will be finished tomorrow...

ok here we go it's friday afternoon and i'm back to "yesterday's work in progress"

here the first to piles of books::

this is mine, still pondering about the dress for naomi, but there are a handfull great patterns in "sewing clothes kids love". the book on top i just got from the library, "val calanca, 21 wanderungen in einem urspruenglichen suedalpental" i'm so very excited to look into this one and of course get inspired for our summer vacation in cauco.

joel's pile, he just finished two novels and is missing some lighter literature on this pile, though that will change soon, i'm sure.

on the side of elias' bed of course the "velo handbuch", he studies what kind of click pedals and shoes to buy. and also sudoku, a passion he caught from his grandmother. finally he started to read german books, it has taken him over one year to take this step.

amos is getting up 30 minutes early to read the news paper, first of all sports! he often comes home and is no where to be found, that is as he is just to quiet as he reads and can't stop. of course he has a big pile on his night stand, a changing pile every week. and he doesn't stop there at least once a week he goes to the library to read too.

naomi is not just looking and reading, for her the book hear book or sing along cd's are very important too. the favorite right now "die huehneroper". this morning as i got up, i heard her chuckling and singing along, it's so very fun to start the day with her being happy about her morning too.

and then there is thea. many little books, her favorite one "babar" is not to be seen, but it is the one she "reads" every day to "start" her nap. and the big hymnal is taken out every day, to sing with me. i love it and it is so good to finish the day with this ritual.

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Sarah Ligon said...

Wow! Where do you get all the German books? My husband and I speak German, from our years living there, and we would love to read to our sons in German, since we hope to live there again some day. But we don't have a good foreign bookstore in our city--and in any case this is Canada so all the foreign language books are French...