June 17, 2013

thank you

we got a big surprise parcel! o yes how wonderful is it if friends think of you and not just think, but even go out to purchase a few lovelies and send it across the atlantic, to gift us!

thank you so very much you three over there in the new world, we all totally love mail even better parcels. and this one was super special, a latin workbook and cd for amos, origami paper for the crafters, lots of stickers and a long wonderful letter. a special post card and of course i got the best of all treats, 2 1/2 yards of yummy fabric. and this is super special, as a&a picked the fabric for a certain purpose... (the sewing machine will be picked up from the doctor this afternoon!)

although i have to admit, there is one more project right now waiting to be continued, before i get started on that other one. hey and that michael miller's dog speak fabric, it must have been picked by those two lovely ladies i can't imagine anyone else in my circle of friends picking this ;)

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