June 25, 2013

the granny squares week 2 & 3

i have been working a bit on this summer granny project, it's exciting to have the sewing machine back from the doctors office. it was a major job the mechanic had to do and i got back the machine running smooth and easy again. a wonderful gift to me. while the machine was gone, i realized how much i missed it. not that it's taken very long, not even 2 weeks, though i noticed, how often i wanted to sit down a quickly mend a pair of paints or finish up the pajama pants and then of course get started with the many little squares for the granny summer project of this year.

it was here when it all got started, and i have been cutting and putting together many squares. a fun undertaking to utilize the scraps and give them a purpose, at least that's what i'm hoping for them.
this spring i also got a little envelope with many liberty print scraps, a nice addition to all my fabric scraps. it spices up the process a little bit and of course i love the newbies in the mix.

so here i am there is more to come, trimming and puzzling together the big picture will be the next step. just to not forget where that little inspiration came about...
there was last summer's granny square crochet project, i loved it and wanted to find something for the summer 2013. not certain where to find a "work a long" project, i decided to just do my own. it is definitely not as cool as to work with others, though the inspiration for right now is big enough to get things off the ground. jolene at the blue elephant stitches has put a tutorial up on her blog, "granny square quilt blocks", that's where it started all for me with this summers grannies .....

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