November 6, 2013

in the sky

the day started out rather droopy and wet, i would have liked to curl up and read, be cozy in the warm house. though there was our german conversation group, we meet every wednesday for coffee and tea and conversation. it's a wonderful group of women from almost all over the world. so i did send the kids off and put my own boots and raincoat on.

looking out the window this afternoon, after being "pricked" by some strong sun beams, i just had to go out once more. and there was one more thing i wanted to do as i looked up into the sky. over the past few weeks most of the songbirds gathered and flew south. in the past years, i hung the bird feeder behind the house, though today i decided that it is time to hang a second one in the front of the house. so this is now the sight out of my kitchen window...
and i'm happily looking forward to soon see the first chickadees, yellow finches, sparrows and what ever else will be coming to feed. of course there is still lots of food out there on the bushes and trees right now, but that will soon be changing.

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