March 12, 2014

an annabel for spring

a simple knit for in between, just grabbing and knitting without any big thinking was what i was looking for. and i found it in the annabel pattern, and naomi was quickly excited to get a cardigan. a couple weeks back i started the project (of course i didn't knit a swatch, just guessed it....) and it turned out to be way too big. i have to say, i didn't mind it at all, the unraveling was a lot of fun and the second time around it worked out just fine. quickly i realized, that i might be short on the brown lark, though that got me thinking and of course there must be some kind of color as the cardigan should be a spring type of cardigan.
the bare chestnut tree in our backyard is still bare, though i got a few cuttings indoors and the butts on those branches have burst open and are in a full light green! no, naomi claimed she doesn't like green, o well it will be her cardigan to wear, so we went with just one stripe of green and then went on with her favorites.
fine with me and she is looking forward to be wearing


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