March 24, 2014

embrace and enjoy

we got snow! o how wonderful, big blankets sank down from the sky, not that it would stick to the ground, it was much too warm. but wonderful white we love you. we gathered for afternoon desserts at our house, friends stopped by and together we enjoyed some good conversation and the kids wanted to go and make a fire in the yard. fine with the grown ups, this is even excellent, and really just so perfect to have all 9 kids go outside and build up a fire. they managed to light it, even though it was very wet and even colder by that time. i'm more than ever set on the fact, that nature is at it's best, when we are fully embracing it and love it and enjoy it, what ever the circumstance.

i quickly baked a cinnamon pie, upon mixing the batter, i realized that there were ingredients missing in my cupboard. having still a couple oranges in the bowl, i quickly grated one, it tasted very nice, having orange zest instead of candied orange peal in the pie was absolutely tolarable.

all photos by joel

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Wendy McDonagh-Valentine said...

Friendly gatherings while it's snowing outside are truly wonderful. I get an instant nesting feeling as soon as I see that first flake come down. We dodged a rather large snowstorm this week and, to be honest, I'm done with the snow thing and ready for springtime blossoms but it's been too cold for that still. Wonderful photos of your flurries!! : )

~ Wendy