March 18, 2014

the boy "lost" his braces


he was so super nervous this morning, could hardly eat anything and was catching the bus early to get to his orthodontist appointment on time. it has been a routine to go to the ortho's office over the past 6 years. often not super exciting, especially after the first few initial meetings, where teeth were pulled and the head gear fitted. in the past two years it has been routine and once in a while a fitted ring fell out and had to be replaced but no major drama.
today was the day that all those little brackets, the wire and the four rings got removed, all out and gone!
what a happy morning, what a happy boy and so am is my level of excitement high too! even the orthodontist was excited and pleased to say the least, no he was excited too, about the outcome of the treatment of this boys teeth and jaw.
most excellent!


Natasha said...

Jacob had his braces off a couple of months ago and I have never tired of looking at his beautiful smile! what wonders we have access to in the Western world....

Wendy McDonagh-Valentine said...

Congrats to your son!! Great photo!! : )

~ Wendy xo