February 4, 2020

the granny square quilt

 I'm very happy to finish up this granny square quilt. The piecing of the top was done seven years ago, in the summer of 2013. The back, the following winter and then it rested an other two years until I "sandwiched" it. Last summer on our trip to the dolomites, between hiking and climbing and just beeing, I managed to bind it and in the past two weeks, there was the machine quilting and finally the tying together (by hand stitching) done. It turned out lovely and I'm pleased with the color scheme of those squars, put together, kind of random, but not totally.

I'm not a very productive and quick quilter, it takes time and energizes me at the same time. And it fills me with joy, looking at the finished quilt. It is no masterpiece, but it still amazes me, what one is able to do with scraps and some old bed sheets as well as a bit of craftyness.

thank you Amos for helping me with displaying the quilt and Joel for taking the photos... It was a rather windy sunday afternoon, just before the rain came down!

The back ist put together of rather old curtains, which I got from my mother in law, thank you E.

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