February 12, 2009


we were all working on our atc's
naomi chose for set, to call them "the green series". it was so much fun to watch her using the sharpies on the acryl background. she will be doing more atc's i'm certain, as she is the passionate painter and crafter in our family.

this is amos' "the copper series". how much fun it was to develop all the different brush strokes and add the cut out's from chocolate paper. it was such a good feel, finally something of my stashed up little scraps got chosen for the perfect spot's to serve as highlights!

my february cpm atc is calling for "red" and here i did!
working with all red healthy fruit and veggies. knowing of the vitamins and folic acid in them i felt so good in just composing and glueing them on my little red card.
elias is done with his, i just have not taken a photo of them, yet. but i promise it will happen and i will post them. they look great.

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