February 5, 2009

it was a great moment to just quickly sit down, enjoy the orange cake which naomi an i made a couple of days ago and a cup of "hudelwetter tee" (a gift from a friend, bought for me from sonnentor).
after violin lessons we hurried home very quickly running around the block, as the wind was cold and sharp. the water boiled in no time and the cake was on the table, served by big brother.
i enjoy the morning when we sit down for a moment. a cup of tea can warm up my hands and spirits. the rest of the morning went by quickly and smoothly. we all got lots of things done without feeling worn out and without telling the kids 15 times what they were supposed to work. they were able to stay focused on their subjects with the knowledge that fun time is ahead. the hours of playing lego, reading ask magazines, looking at the very interesting book "a port through time", drawing on her own hands and other body parts etc.

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