February 10, 2009

a full monday

elias's friends came over and we made eclair. a great success and lots of fun. it's an easy baking project for kids and everyone loves them!

these are card's are atc's for a kids atc swap. the foundation for some more fun filled moments are laid. naomi loves to paint and mix paints! paint on paper, paint on skin paint all over herself and her surroundings is usually the result...

elias has some very specific ideas about his atc's. he is covering his cards with canvas to work on... we will see what creative doings will happen to those cards in the coming days.

it was a good day and a full day, yesterday's monday.
i fell into bed tired and fulfilled, but the baby was not as happy as i..... so the last moments of the day were a bit loud and tiresome, but never the less a good day.

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Joyful Melody said...

ooooh, those eclairs look so very delicious!