February 2, 2009

green spots

i can't help but think of spring when i see green in the midst of the white landscape.
as soon as i'm stepping behind the house elias on his board is jumping into my sight. it's cool to see the green board being used all afternoon. the boys built a "slope", packing snow on the three steps of our back porch. it's not a long steep hill, but it's great for a first experience to use the big find of saturday!
elias found the "snow board" (honestly, it's just a plastic board), at the side of the street just around the corner from home. what a gold nugget! it is already being used and loved by someone else and will get a lot of attention from our boys now.

indoors, i had to get a few bulps going. in the cold midwinter night, they are now springing up and brighten the still cold and wintery days!

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