August 3, 2009

the 8th birthday

a glorious morning with our birthday boy! we all enjoyed breakfast on the deck, and amos was very happy that his 8th birthday finally arrived.

for lunch his two best friends came over. thank you a & a for having birthday lunch and cake with us. it was a full day and a happy day for amos, lot's of playing and reading and enjoying friends.
my parents joel and i are still in the middle of sorting and figuring out what is going into moving boxes! today it was the oil paints, the shoes, some card and board games and the wooden train set. more tomorrow, or when ever, i'm very tired.


Alicia said...

"I was there," exclaims Alexa. We just left the goodbye party, and we miss you all already. Safe travels! We are so grateful to have a wonderful way to keep in touch. Love,Alicia/Marvin/Alexa/Junebug/"Baby"

dandd said...

Hey guys, sounds like you are having fun. Remember we live just off Interstate 40 in Oklahome, west of Oklahoma City about 60 miles. If you come west on I40 we would love to see you and show you the Native American Culture of this area. You are welcome to our 1000 square foot cabin and access to our Sunfish sail boat. Give us a shout 405 247-2261 or Dave and Diane Powell