August 12, 2009

two smithsonian days

While our "official" program for the past two days in DC included the Air & Space Museum as well as the Museum of Natural History, our inofficial adventure had us address an ant invasion and various Shasta-related dramas. A good time was had with our hosts Melanie & Gisle and their kids. Thank you very much for your spontaneous hospitality! Tomorrow morning we're off to Colonial Williamsburg.


Alicia said...

Dear Daniela and family, we are glad to hear you are enjoying DC. Sorry to hear about the ants! They are probably Jamaica Plain ants who were sad to see you go. Sounds familiar....:)

We picked up the photobook today, I am very pleased with how it turned out. We sent it to Stacie so hopefully it will be there when you arrive in Denver.

Safe travels,

Anonymous said...

Dear Roth-naters,

Happy to hear you are in Washington. We are going to the garden tomorrow. We saw your post about the garden I HAVE TOLD ABOUT THE BIND-WEED.

Have a safe trip