August 17, 2009

our travel log so far

Sunday 8/9: 270 miles, boondocking on I-95, NJ
Monday 8/10: 222 miles, 3 nights at the Sorli residence, VA
Tuesday 8/11: 30 miles, trip into DC for Air & Space museum
Wednesday 8/12: 22 miles, trip into DC for Natural History museum
Thursday 8/13: 145 miles, "Colonial" KoA, VA
Friday 8/14: 134 miles after Colonial Williamsburg, boondocking on I-64 near Charlottesville, VA
Saturday 8/15: 180 miles on Blue Ridge Parkway, 2 nights at "Rocky Knob" campground, VA
Sunday 8/16: 0 miles, hiking around "Rocky Knob", VA
Monday 8/17: 227 miles on BRP, "West Asheville" KoA, NC

Williamsburg pictures:
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Blue Ridge Parkway pictures:
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Mabel said...

Hello Roth-Naters!

We are enjoying following your travels and keeping you in our prayers!

Mabel and Howard

Cindy said...

It looks like you guys are having a blast!

Julie James said...

We finally made it to the blogspot. Summer finally brought the hot weather to Boston, so we've been beaching and today was Bekka's annual trek to Salem on the ferry with many candy-eating youth. No blog. no photos. You'll have to take my word for it. xxoo Julie (and Maggie, Iola and Mike)