August 7, 2009

the garden

our little garden plot is now officially our friend e's plot. he is a great almost 11 year old boy who loves gardening. we went through it this morning, weeding and digging up bind weed... it is all under control now. there will be swiss chard ready to cut, summer potatoes to dig in a week or so. there is garlic ready in a few weeks and the tomatoes are gaining in colour. basil is doing well and we cut a few sprigs, this will keep on going. the same with the carrots, we pulled a few and he will be able to pull some every week. the last two beets will be finding their place on the table within the next two days...
it is really hard to load photos on our old slow lap top, so no photos today, please take a look at our travel blog, from now on we will be posting infrequent on that one.
the plan is to slow down and just be for the next three months, we will have a good by party tomorrow and hit the road on sunday. i will be back here sometimein the fall, early winter, then posting from winterthur switzerland!
see you later and enjoy the summer with all it's colours and warmth.

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