February 3, 2010


a few weeks ago, my sister stopped by with a pile of old games. i was so delighted to see those beautyful cartboard boxes with just the best kind of games for naomi our kindergardener. naomi was as excited as i, when i showed her the treasure.
with no hesitation, all the boxes had to be inspected and the playing started right away...

a very cool lotto, such great design!

a so called "woerterschlange" domino kind of game with very nice drawings.

on one side the words were in block print,

on the other side the words were cursive. an other detail was the singular and plural for the cursive side. just lovely this will be played a lot, i'm certain.

o and one of them is a 1000 piece puzzle of switzerland! that one will likely end up on our living room table and the whole household will be involved in it.
i'm glad those games were stored for the past 25 years or so, they are all in very good condition and having had to leave so much behind when we moved across the atlantic last summer, such gifts are a good replacement of things we could not take along. thank you e.

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