February 4, 2010

a new tool

over the past few weeks i found myself a few times in front of the little reading glasses kiosk...
it has been occurring now often, that i was struggling to read scripture in the morning. i know it's small print in my bible, but still until recently i was able to read even the small print well. the same happened more often with nutritional labels at packages at stores...
o well, i caved and decided to take a look at those reading glasses, offered in grocery stores and book shops.

while spinning the rack and trying a few of the +1.00 the kids on my side quickly started to comment about how cute, or how "old lady-ish" i looked.
i was quick to shrug them off and was able to laugh a bit, explaining my problem about reading and failing eyesight.
o my, i'm really getting old now!
it does feel a bit scary and it is the first time in my life that i'm not able to read things easily without adjusting the distance of the print.

so now, i've got a pair of readers. approved by elias and naomi.

and oh well, tools are to be used.
like mortar, pestle, knitting needles, reading glasses.

by joel


Christina said...

I put them in the "cute" category! :) -C

Anonymous said...

I need some too. I haven't caved yet. Getting ready to leave the country and think I'll send the package while in Toulon. Sorry it has taken so long! I haven't forgotten you.

Mabel said...

Hi Daniela,

You look great with your readers!
How are you? Do you still receive e-mail through your last address? I wrote a note perhaps a month ago, but am not sure you ever received it.

Blessings, Mabel