February 5, 2010

lots of baking

i'm so excited to be able to buy "puff-pastry" dough in the regular grocery store, for a good price. (we call it "blaetterteig" in german).
so was not to stop today after baking "dogs in blankets" for lunch with chicoree salad and veggies on the side. i realized that this was just the start. there was a bit dough left, so i sprinkled it with cheese and rolled it up. the kids loved the quick after lunch snack (like a palmier, just not sweet...)
then i realized that it is the last day before winter brake. of course there had to be a special snack when the kids got home from school this afternoon. in order to celebrate i quickly whipped up some ground hazelnuts, egg, sugar, lots of cinnamon, creme and milk. everything mixed poured into a pie shell and then into the oven.

there was some "blaetterteig" left over... i had to come up with one more idea.
an apple galette sounded just about right, and now it's the end of the day. i'm happy with the day, lots of baking, lots of eating as there are many people in the house who love desserts!

o yes! the kids got home and feel like the best time in the world started. the boys got their first report cards. they feel great about it and are overall very happy with them, very proud to carry home good results! i'm glad for them, it is the first time to have been in school after our years of "home learning".
they also carried home lots of other surprises, then of course it's not just math and language arts being taught. i'm happily looking forward to the coming two weeks. amos has already lots of ideas what he could do, elias will be spending the time mostly at my parents house, splitting wood and skiing. naomi's plan is to spend some days at her godmother's house. this for today, as tomorrow we will all be sleeping in!

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