June 3, 2010

the new hood in my kitchen

over the past weeks i have been pondering what to do with my kitchen machine. it is very frequently used and i didn't want to put it away every time after i have been using it. i quickly knew i wanted a nice hood for it, something i would enjoy looking at. i rummaged through my boxes and found this lovely good folks by anna maria horner, there have been some little projects earlier and now i'm happily looking at it every day in my kitchen...

i measured and cut two sets, one of an old linen and the other one of the good folks. stitched and sewn...

turning, not just today, it happens often to me. i tend to not leave a big enough opening to turn, so it usually turns out to be a bit more work as expected.
photo by amos

and yes i like the way it turned out

and the seem worked out nice too

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