June 9, 2010

a sunny afternoon in the city

after violin and drum lessons...
it's such a little pretty city we live in and we like exploring more of it. as it was 28C today we had to play with the water, at least a little bit. thea was in the sling and i wanted to move on, but as so many times the kids didn't... i did come once more to the conclusion: 'that it is ok to let go of my ideas and follow the creative and fun loving minds of my kids!

then there was the so called "holidi" sculpture at the "oberer graben" which is so inviting tho be climbed on. and after many times of walking back and forth on it we decided that it was just about 12yards long. amos did it in feet too and naomi in her own length of very long steps, she counted 7... her big and better always better knowing brother decided that it must be more in his steps the sculpture is 11 of his steps. yes lots of debating and arguing going on, but the 12 yards we agreed all!

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