June 1, 2010

today's asparagus

i wanted to go for a few times already but was just not doing it for the past weeks...
so this morning i loaded thea on my back and went to the weekly market in the city center, and it was great. just leisurely going about and enjoying the many flowers and veggies and so many other things. meeting an old colleague who is selling his sheep milk products, a bit more about his special business here.
and now back to my green find, regional asparagus!

i do really love them, the green tips are just so delicious, i even eat them raw..., as i can't wait until they are in the pot and cooked.

for lunch was asparagus risotto with bits of ham. a favorite of mine for many years and i have to prepare this at least once each season. the kids were not very fond of green asparagus the last time i prepared them with sauce bearnaise. but today, all three wanted seconds, yeah! i'm so glad their taste buds decided for the delicious green!

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