September 21, 2010

kids clothes week::the challenge

some how i happen to me yesterday night, that i felt like sewing, but wasn't really on the go yet. getting inspired when i was saying good night to my girl and feeling like she really needed a new pj. it is getting cooler and i remembered the stash of anna maria horner's folksy flannel
the second part came to me a few moments later, standing in front of my little screen, i stumbled upon elsie's blog and could not resist the challenge.
so here we go, the first hour of finding a quick and easy pattern (and yes that's what weekend sewing is all about), and collect the materials to trace the pattern and lay all the things out...
the one hour is almost past, but i decided to the get cutting done today. just to make sure i'm really making the right size, i quickly take a look at one of naomi's comfy lounge pants, which she has kind of outgrown, but can't let go yet.
so, this much for the moment, i will keep going and surely naomi will be showing of her new garment at the end...

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