October 31, 2013

Anna :: project in progress

naomi has been expressing the wish to sew for a while and has also done a few projects in the past months. Now she has her own sewing machine, the one from my oma. well it's a sturdy bernina with not much "schnigg schnagg" but can do what ever you want her too, and it has a strong motor.

we are not yet there, the pattern is copied and cut out and so is the fabric. the pieces are almost all cut and soon there will be lots of sewing going on. the bag called "anna" is a more or less easy pattern from the book "tolle taschen selbst genaeht" and with a bit help from me, naomi will be able to mostly do it on her own. we will see, as she want's to add a little inside pocket with a zipper...
i'm sure i will be able to show you more and tell you more stories how things develop.

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