October 2, 2013

dessert on the table

 by joel

we all love to linger, to hang around the table, especially as it is a table set with desserts. and even more so, in good company, family, friends, everyone who loves dessert is usually very welcome to sit down and enjoy the moment.
this weekend it was at my parents house, today it was one more time in our backyard, savoring the in season vermicelli with vanilla ice and meringue. an espresso rounds my dessert usually up, it is that slightly bitter coffee taste i love.
and then a glass of water, that wonderful drink i could not do without, who can? and for that thing, that water i'm so very grateful that we live in a place on this planet where it is plentiful and clean. even without that chlorine taste i never really got used when we lived in boston.
and here a wonderful project bringing clean water to places who do not have it anymore or never had it...

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