October 15, 2013

viareggio the 1st

traveling for eight hours by train was a breeze. wonderful and even better if you know, that you will be arriving at a wonderful little city in tuscany, italy.
of course first things first. a quick stop at the local mercato and the first few fresh items were quickly brought home for tomorrows breakfast. italy has some wonderful cheese and salami and even the bread we found in the bakery around the corner was a dark whole grain loaf which we all loved. honey and tomatoes and fresh apples and grapes, just lovely to start our vacation.

of course the first day was spent at the beach, more of that tomorrow...
then a day in lucca, a little historic city with a wonderful dome, san martino the boys decided early on, that they didn't want to come along to see the magnificent cathedral. well, the three of them together found their way to the piazza santa maria, where we planned to rent bicycles. well i think they missed out on that wonderful architecture and historic site. never the less we definitely enjoyed the wonderful sight and the girls were able to overcome the first cultur-anxiety and stepped inside the cathedral after a few encouraging words.
of course riding on the fortified city walls was very special and doing so in a "multiple biciclette" was even better. and then, it happened, we missed the train to go back, though it just got better, spending almost an hour sitting, running, painting and climbing in a park near the train station was wonderful and doing so under a blue sky and lush sunshine, vacation at it's best, if you ask me.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds wonderful, even missing the train worked out well.