October 16, 2013

viareggio the 2nd

as you might have noticed with this second post, we spent a lot of time at the beach. it was the one thing all the kids agreed, was the best of our week! wonderful, for me too, as it was still warm and sunny enough to just sit and read, and paint and be. being was good, it was a bit forced, as i'm not a beach person at all, and even less a person who actively chooses to just sit and do nothing. though i had to, and it turned out to be very relaxing, and doing nothing was not boring. soaking up sun and some wonderful sea breeze, lots of little bits of the kids conversations and interactions. observing and learning and enjoying all of the above...

one day we went to pisa, how exciting was that! just the plain sight of the tower with the amazing cathedral and baptisterium was all so much to enjoy. it truly is what it is called piazza dei miracoli
most of us climbed up the tower, i did not feel like i needed that, i was already blown away with what i was seeing. it has been wonderful to visit and maybe tuscany is getting a hold of me, it just feels like it wasn't the last time, wandering and enjoying this wonderful spot in southern europe.
and one more thing i didn't know about this place, it's a unesco world heritage site

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