May 21, 2014

buecher - bohnen-baumspinat

our city has been celebrating it's 750 years of "stadtrecht", it's a wonderful year of events and activities we are busy attending some and were over joyed to see our library take part in the winterthur nachhaltig project with doing some gardening in the front of the building. of course we had to bring some of our seedlings! cherry tomatoes and calendula it was and of course the librarian was overjoyed to greet us and the girls so excited to plant our seedlings. we will see what's going to happen and stop by frequently for watering (good thing the fountain is very close by).
and naturally we checked out books, garden books, hiking in the swiss alps books, a big book about world maps with all kinds of facts, "a sailing boat in the sky" had to come home with us, and an arabic-german picture book....

and then arriving home in our garden, the books "tossed" in the corner and just wanting to sip our cold fruit smoothies. since a few days now, more like two weeks or so, i'm in smoothie mood. there have been the spinach kind and since then carrot and beet and more than not a mix with fruit (the kids prefer those.....). today the contents were blueberries, one whole lemon, carrots, kiwi and apple cider. yummy!

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