May 20, 2014

english paper piecing

for a while already, i have been looking into paper piecing. there are so many ideas out there, like this one and many more... though after a bit of debating, i decided to do some english paper piecing first of all. this is a fun board to get the idea. and now i'm all excited about using up my scraps and sewing all over the place. i'm not bound to my machine ore even an indoor place or what ever. it feels very free and excitingly new to me.

so for the weekend away, i packed a little box with fabric scraps, thread, needle paper and a hexagon master. within a couple hours of sitting and talking, and the help of my mother in law (she was cutting hexagons), i was making so much progress and it was just fun to see how the puzzling works out.

of course many little hands where helping and moving the pieces around, trying to make patterns and and suggestions on how to whip-stitch them together. i have fallen in love and a next hand full of scraps are already on hand.

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Wendy McDonagh-Valentine said...

Such beautiful fabric pieces!! I can't wait to see the finished product!! Have a wonderful day. : )

~ Wendy