May 7, 2014

calling it the spring quilt

this one has been in the works for a long time. on and off for about two years and a good sprint in the past couple weeks, i enjoyed the work and how it has come together within the past few weeks. the front is pieced together with lots of scraps from my sewing past, that does make it once more special in regards, that i see stories in this quilt as well as being reminded of being pregnant with thea (that long dress i liked), the girls dresses, and all kinds of other quilts from the past.

i like the different greys and simplicity of the back. a few simple blocks placed at random, i did originally not intending to use them for this quilt. and then all of a sudden, i was leaping into the adventure of taking what i have and sew it together to the backing of the "spring quilt". and there it is, the little house i'm sewing those little houses onto my handmade items. it's very simple and not just marks the "home made" which is plenty, as my quilt will be given to my childhood friend. she knows me well enough, there is no name needed.

and there i am, one more quilt over my arms standing in the garden at an early morning, before heading out to see my friend. and together we are going to see the the journey to tunesia at the zentrum paul klee.

 all photos by joel

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