May 8, 2014

spinach-smoothie for lunch

 that spring green is catching the better half of me, i can't let go! a bag of fresh cut spinach in the fridge has challenged me this morning. what to do with it? soup, no we had soup last night. sauteed with onions, no the kids are not too fond of this method either. creamed, this is not what i like very much. tossed with a bunch of other leafs, i hear already all the complaining of "this is hurting my teeth". what else is to do with spinach?
and that's how i figured, we will try something super challenging, a smoothy!
i did not tell them what i juiced and what will be the super poison they will have to drink for lunch. it worked, lots of curiosity about that green drink. is it kiwi? leeks? avocado? spinach?

amos the super taster got it right. and all liked it, we will make this again!

- spinach
- banana
- orange juice (apple juice)

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