June 23, 2014

at constance

 here a few more pics of our trip to konstanz last week. it was wonderful and we all got a glimpse of the cities history. visiting the rosgarten, which is a history and art museum, many interactive little teed-bits for the kids are fun to listen and watch. a good chunk of time was also spent at the landesaustellung to the church council to constance. we all liked to learn so much with the audio guide. thea and me went a bit slower without an audio guide, but interesting little discussions about pieces of art and crafts. we also strolled through the "mittelalternutzgarten", such an interesting place and inspiration for me to get a few more plants into my garden, be it healthy herbs or plants to dye...

an other stop was the game and comics store seetroll... amos had a wonderful time browsing in that location. an excellent bistro was "eugens", wonderful pastry and good coffee. the kids enjoyed a delicious ice creme, somewhat a must for such a sunny day in a lovely city.

of course the picinic at the lake had to be an other stop on friday. we all enjoyed each other and looking up into the trees, while drinking lemonade, we spotted many bird houses and even a bat box. seems like a lovely city for birds and bats, very friendly and welcoming to all!

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Wendy McDonagh-Valentine said...

Wonderful photos!! Looks like you had a great and busy day!! I love the bat box!!! : )

~ Wendy