June 30, 2014

red currents and rainbows

i was invited to pick red currents in a garden near by. of course i had to do this, i love all kinds of berries and those wonderfully sour berries lend them self's for fruit tarts as well as jelly, like no other berry. within less than two hours of picking, together with thea, i was bringing home three buckets filled to the rim. so here i am, baking and cooking a storm. i love it and delight in all of the work.

and one more wonderfully orchestrated storm, rain and the colourfull bow while it lasted! such a strong promise.
i'm just so plenty thankful for my days.

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Wendy McDonagh-Valentine said...

Such a beautiful photo!! Rainbows are just so magical, aren't they? Have a great day!! : )

~ Wendy