June 3, 2014

the hexagon's and fontane

i have been at it for a couple weeks now and i'm  enjoying it more every day! the hexagon are fun to work with and i'm getting faster with the whip stitch too. as i bought the uni fabric to connect all "my flowers" i'm so excited to whip stitch them all together. it's a work done at random, so we will see how the design works out. i do like the fact of "it just happens"...

i have been bringing this summer project along to friends, to swimming, while celebrating elias' birthday in the garden, while listening to "effi briest" my book on cd at the moment. which brings back all the memories of reading it over 20 years ago. of course now it's much more relaxing as i do not have to write a paper about it and have group discussions over it. it was a good time and i enjoyed it even then to dive into some classical literature. now it's solely enjoyment of theodor fontane.

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