June 16, 2014

our violin recital

it was recital time, yesterday afternoon. the violin players in our family felt so ready, it was hard to wait. for thea it was the first time playing at such a formal setting, she loved it and did great. absolutely enjoying her stage time!

so good to see and hear the kids, all three have improved a lot and seem to enjoy their music making. our teacher is a wonderful person, very encouraging and supportive. loving in her approach to teach, but firm and clear in stating the goals. i'm so thankful for karin, she has been a source of enthusiasm, especially for naomi.

as you might have noticed, our little barefoot girl, she could not be convinced to put her sandals on her feet, but they had to be placed under her chair. so there we go, with her favorite sunday dress, hair done by big sister naomi, she played haenschen klein. naomi in her own confident way playing with piano accompaniment was fun for her, "the piano was a bit slow"...
and of course elias was all excited to play with karin and they both played together very well, the bach double, i enjoyed to see, to my surprise, amos on stage too, he got asked to be the page turner...

wonderful to be one team.
and thank you to karin mazenauer, who has been helping us along with many wonderful lessons.

all photos by joel

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